Långfors Mill

In 2007, the museum association Malax Museiförening rf received Långfors Mill, Åddas kväänen, as a donation from its former owners Vilhelm Ljungkvist, Boris Grönros, Karl-Gustav Grönros, Birger Udd, Sven Börje Gullback, Stig-Johan Udd, and Gunder Udd. The mill was in operation already in the 1800s, powered by the river’s water from the beginning. The mill was renovated in 1932 and again in 1939, altering it to grind wheat in addition to other grains. In the 1920s, electricity was introduced to the village, and the mill was connected to the electrical grid in the 1930s. When hydropower wasn’t sufficient for grinding, electricity was used. The mill is still operational. In 2009, the museum association renovated and painted the mill’s roof and façade. Since 2010, the association has been clearing the surroundings of the mill and Långforsen.

Source: Malax Museiförening.

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