Preschool enrollment for children born in 2018

Enrollment for the school year – 13 August 2024 to 30 May 2025 – can be done 12–25 February 2024.
The application for possible early childhood education in addition to preschool education is made on the same form.

When enrolling your child in preschool, please provide additional information if you wish for school transportation to and from preschool and specify which days if possible (e.g. “transportation requested for all mornings only”). There are established criteria for granting school transportation, see Criteria for School Transportation.


The child is allocated a place in the preschool located within your student catchment area. The preschool application form also serves as enrollment for school for the following school year (2025–2026). If you want your child to attend a different preschool than the nearest one, you should apply for it to the Educational Committee. If the child attends a different preschool than the nearest one, the child is not entitled to possible school transportation.

Last Updated: 07.05.2024 10:43