Parish House

The Parish House was designed by architectural firm Heng & Pystynen from Helsinki, and the construction was supervised by building contractor Tor Ågren and his team of workers. The building, including its plot and furniture, cost 727,000 Finnish marks and was inaugurated on November 28, 1971. Anni Krokfors’ painting “The Great Invitation” was unveiled on June 4, 1992, in the presence of the artist. Leander Bonn forged a black seven-armed candlestick and donated it to the congregation during the inauguration in 1971. The blue wooden candlestick was donated by the choir of the Folkärnan parish in Taalainmaa

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En låg vit byggnad med svart tack som är byggd i en vinkel. På gårdsplanen syns en cykel i cykelstället och tv inva parkeringsplatser.
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