Malax has a total of 17 murals (wall paintings), of which 10 have been painted in Malax municipality’s projects in collaboration with artists. Some of the murals have received funding from the Swedish Cultural Foundation (Svenska Kulturfonden). Seven paintings have been created as part of Art in Malakta’s Mural Rural projects. There are eight murals in Yttermalax, two in Övermalax, three in the Pixnen (Malakta) area, two in Petalax, and two in Bergö.


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Muralmalning i tunneln vid Malaxvagen av Jon Gredmark

Murals by Jon Gredmark

Muralmalning vid Malaxvagen av Jon Gredmark
Muralmalning i tunneln av Jon Gredmark forestallande en tiger
Muralmalning av Jon Gredmark
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